6 Home Based Business Resources

According to the Direct Sales Association the direct sales industry for the United States totaled $29.87 billion and that was an increase of 4.6% from the year before. No wonder so many people are flocking to start their own home based business.

DSA President Joseph Mariano says, “Direct Selling continues to be a source of income and support for independent consultants across the USA.”

Direct selling grew 3.9% and this outpaced the overall economy. The United States ranks as the top direct selling market in the world with Japan second and China third. According to Alessandro Carlucci, President of World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, global direct sales increased 10 percent from $139.7 billion in 2010 to $153.7 billion in 2011, according to Carlucci.

There is a huge potential for people to make money in this industry. Below are some resources that may help you in your business.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The Federal Trade Commission regulates FREE Trade in the United States and protects consumers. Here is their mission as listed on their website.

Our mission: To prevent business practices that are anticompetitive, deceptive, or unfair to consumers

This is a great agency that really does great work for the American people. If you have any concerns or grievances and you are unable to receive any support try visiting their website to determine your next course of action.

They also offer information on Economics, Consumer Protection, Competition, Congressional information, and other topics associated with business activities.

Home Business Radio Network (HBRN)

HBRN is a year old company that provides a 24 hour radio network platform dedicated to the home based business owner. It provides 34 different shows that target, train, and discusses topics that pertain to the home business arena.

Some of the top industry leaders with proven track records provide a platform where you can learn any time of day. Some of the topics include direct selling, social media, leadership, mobile apps, personal branding, industry updates, personal development, and many more topics.

HBRN also offers a mobile app so that you can listen to Positive Powered Radio on the go.


Fiverr is a website portal that allows you to purchase or sell products for services starting at $5. This allows the small business owner to shop for services and items needed on a very limited budget.

Some categories offered are:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Video & Animation
  • Online Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Proramming & Tech
  • Music & Audio

There are other categories but those above are the main ones listed that appeal to the small or home based business.

In order to make purchases you will need a PayPal account. Other than that requirement there should be no problem with finding someone to offer what you need and for a very reasonable cost.

SMASH Solutions

Smash Solutions is a brand new fully integrated customer relations and marketing platform that allows any type of business to automate many daily tasks associated with running a business and it allows the business owner to track marketing campaigns as well.

  • Contact Manager
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Social Media Hub
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Email
  • Campaign Manager
  • Personal Virtual Assistant
  • SEO Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Smash Clicking
  • Smash Tool Bar
  • Automated Contact Notes
  • Media Room
  • Specials Postings
  • All of this FREE

The BETA launch is right around the corner. Visit the website and watch the presentation videos to learn how this all came about.

IBOTool Box

IBOTool Box is a “SAFEHAVEN” for you to learn and build your business. This is a FREE community where you can go to network with likeminded individuals in a business social network setting.

Here you can:

  • Advertise Your Business
  • Submit Press Releases
  • Generate Leads
  • Contact Manager
  • Media Sharing
  • Events Scheduling
  • Live Chat

Direct Selling Association (DSA)

The DSA is a national trade association for businesses that produce and distribute goods and services that are sold directly to consumers. DSA currently has approximately 200 member businesses.

DSA screens all members and provides a strict code of ethics as a cornerstone that each member must pledged to uphold.

DSA also provides resources to its members and provides research resources concerning this industry.

This organization is tailored for the parent company and not the small business owner, but you should be aware of its charter and the support it provides in making sure companies operate at the highest standards.

In conclusion, I hope these resources are beneficial to your business and the ongoing success. Please share the information contained within the article. Review each company or organization and see how they can help you going forward. Keep in mind while you are working you can always listen to HBRN and keep your mind focused on continual learning.

Why 95% of MLM or Network Marketing People Fail with Their Home Based Business

Every MLM or network marketing operation offers the same promises for their home based business of being easy to operate, no real skills required, huge earnings potential, retire on a rising passive income in as little as 5 years and have a greater quality of life with more time available for your family by having a home based business. Do the promises live up to the expectations? Yes but for only 5% of the candidates – 95% normally fail – WHY IS THIS? Here we debate some of the controversial reasons for this phenomenon.

Quite simply, the vast majority of people falling for the dream and take on an MLM business do not understand right from the start what is actually required of them in order to succeed. Who is to blame for this? – The recruiters or sponsors who fail to properly qualify the candidate. Most good recruiters are well crafted at the art of creating a vision based on most of our desires and dreams which are pretty universal for most of us. They manage to install visions of the benefit’s a successful MLM home based business will bring. It’s a bit like visualising your destination but forgetting about the difficult journey on how to get their. For many the journey is like the Paris to Dakar Rally rather than the 10p bus ride to the next stop they are anticipating.

Sure, there are promises of training, support from their up line etc. which is often great but the one thing that is often missing from all of this is the commitment and motivation from the new candidate where they simply fail to realise that its actually NOT easy at all to gather customers or to recruit others into the business. Most new MLM’ers brought in from the nine to five masses are also incapable of handling rejection and the egos take a real hammering for the first few months.

To be brutal for a moment, we must remember that the majority of people in PAYE work jobs simply do not have the characteristics or skill sets to actually run a home based business to begin with – otherwise they would already be operating something themselves based on their own assets, skills and ingenuity. Its not their fault, its just that the home based business person has a different mind set and motivations.

Fortunately, there are some well founded MLM businesses on the market that offer real and tangible training and support for the new candidate throughout their MLM business career. Telecom plus is one such UK plc company that has a superb level of FREE training and support for all new Independent Distributors joining the business with local training centres throughout the country. Combine this with Local Distributor meetings, forums and business opportunity meetings again all within your local area, really does help enormously for the inexperienced new MLM’er starting out on their own home based business.

Your Home Based Business…Some Important Startup Tips

There are numerous reasons why people choose to start a
home-based business. Some of those reasons include:

1. Dissatisfied with their present employment situation.

2. Out of work due to being laid off or downsizing by their employer.

3. A need to be home more with young children, an infirm family member, or aging parents.

4. A yearning to be their own boss.

Whatever your particular reason for exploring a home-based
business, there are a few common steps you need to take in order
to launch your business.

First off, you need to come to grips with reality…be realistic
in your expectations. Far too many folks read advertisements
that are hype and imply quick money, and lots of it, from a
home-based business start-up. It will certainly take a year, and
in some cases it may take up to three years, before you begin to
truly make a significant profit from your business.

I have helped a large number of people start up their own
home-based businesses using the Internet. Over time, I have come
to recognize two of the most important factors for identifying
people that should NOT start a home based business. If a
prospective entrepreneur says something like…

“I’m broke and need to make some money, fast!”


“I want to start a home-based business, but I don’t want to spend
anything on it until after I start earning some money.”

…it is certain that they have not addressed reality and, with
that mindset, they will most certainly fail.

It takes a lot of time to successfully market and promote a new
business. If you are planning a home-based business in order to
spend a lot of time with young children or care for the elderly, a
full-time business (and income) may not be a realistic objective.

Second, spend some time researching your business idea. Make sure
there is truly enough of a market for your product or service.
It’s easy to fall into the trap of having a hobby or passion for
something that you like to do and just assuming that you can turn
it into an economically viable business.

Third, learn as much as you can about small business. There is a
wealth of information available on this topic and the US Small
Business Administration is probably as good a place to start as
any. Just go to http://www.sba.gov/ and navigate to the sections
dealing with home based businesses.

Fourth, write a business plan. It is your roadmap to reaching
your objectives. There are numerous articles on the Internet
and in libraries that can assist you in developing your business
plan as well as addressing the many other issues involved with
starting and operating a business from home. As a starting
point, here are a couple of Small Business Administration
website locations that should prove useful:



And last, but not least, seek the advice of a tax professional.
Your first reaction may be that you can’t afford such expenses
right now; but, in reality, you can’t afford not to seek such
advice from the very beginning of your home business start-up.
They can advise you about ways you may be able to reduce the
amount of taxable business income at the end of the year.
Paying for an hour or two of consultation with a tax professional
at the beginning will probably save you much more than that
amount later on down the road.

I never cease to be amazed at the number of people that seem to
think that some magic is somehow created when you put the words
“home based” in front of the word “business”. It’s still
business…it just happens to be based in the home.

Home Based Business Money Saving Tips

One of the first ways you can save on your home based business expenses is to buy used furniture and equipment. Some great places to look for used office furniture and equipment is in the classified section of your local newspaper, consignment furniture stores, flea markets, online auctions and bankruptcy sales. Other good places to check into for home based business furniture and equipment are new furniture stores because they often take trade-ins or have repossessed furniture that they’re willing to sell at greatly reduced prices. Of course you would never want to sacrifice the quality and safety of your home based business equipment, so be sure, especially if buying online, that the dealers are reputable ones.

Another way you can reduce your home based business expenses is to team up with other small businesses and home based businesses to increase your purchasing power. Many companies give terrific discounts on items bought in bulk. This is especially true for items like paper where in exchange for large orders you not only get a discount, but also often get the shipping for free. There are many types of home business supplies that you can get big savings on when buying this way. When making bulk purchasing arrangements with other small businesses and home based businesses, spell out the terms of who’ll be placing the order, how delivery will be made and any other details–and put them in writing.

It’s also a good idea to join professional associations connected to your home based business. Many on these offer a wide variety of benefits to their members. Often you can get group insurance through a professional association at a fraction of what it would cost you on your own. Many times you can also get large discounts for using suppliers that these organizations have contracts with. Being a member of professional organizations and groups is also a great way to network and get new clients. Also, going to the meetings is a wonderful way to offset the isolation that many home based business owners feel and to pick up some new ideas for your business as well.

Whenever possible, buy home based business supplies wholesale. Also, join discount and warehouse clubs. This is another good way to get office supplies for your home based business at huge savings. Also, check into any possible commercial discounts that may be available that you don’t know about. Never pay retail unless you absolutely have to. And don’t limit yourself to offline suppliers. Many online companies offer tremendous savings and are definitely worth checking into.

Finally, do some comparison shopping on everything you use for your home based business. You may think you don’t have time, but the amount of money you can save is well worth the time it takes. Compare cell phone plans, insurance companies, shipping services and Internet providers. When you find a good deal, jump on it–but don’t settle for it. Just because a certain insurance company gives you the best rate today doesn’t mean it will still be the best in six months or a year. Remember your home based business isn’t the only business that has to compete to get customers, and all types of companies are changing their plans and reducing their charges constantly. So make it a habit to compare rates every six to twelve months, and switch anytime you can get a significant reduction because every penny you save is a penny you can count as profit.