Just Launch! The Simple Secret For Starting Your Home Based Business WITHOUT Wasting Another Day

Who else has a perfect idea for a home based business, and has been “sitting” on it for days, weeks, months or even years? Are you still mulling it over? Thinking it through? Waiting for that perfect moment when all of the pieces of the puzzle lock together in perfect, no chance this fails harmony?

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar?

You’ve got the perfect idea.

You just need some time to put the pieces of the puzzle in place.

So your launch strategy starts to sound like this:

Ready. Aim. Ready. Aim.

Aim again. Steady? I’m Ready! STOP!

Something new and shiny has just come my way.

What is it?

Do I need it?

I’m going to get it.

But I can’t afford it. I’m going to Aim. Ready… Am I ready?

I should launch later. (Or maybe never.)

And the perfect moment slips away again.

Sound familiar?

I call this the pesky and pernicious procrastination in the pursuit of perfection problem.

Because we ALL do it. And I’m a big fan of P’s.

The only thing this does is empower you to be really good at one thing.

To put stuff off.

To NOT make progress… especially in an area that you have passion.

Because if we’re passionate – it needs to be PERFECT, right?

Sure –

Maybe if you’re Steve Jobs.

And have several armies of employees to accommodate your every nuanced need.

But if you are passionate people like you and I with an army of 1 at our disposal, the truth is – you just need to dive in and DO it.

For example… I wrote a book this past weekend after FIRST finishing the outline in 3 hours 2 months ago… and then watched it sit on my list of things to do for close to 70 days.


I wanted to collect more pithy quotes, have more examples to cite and wait until my creative juices were flowing like margaritas at Fat Tuesdays during March Madness.

Instead, I spent the weekend in my boxer shorts with a toothache, a bottle of antibiotics and sugar free Hawaiian punch.

It won’t be perfect – but it’s done – it’s published – it’s good and live and completed… and I can improve it later.

If you are alive and evolving – It’s never going to be perfect.


And there is never a better time than now.

Stop waiting to buy 1 more “how to” ebook.

Or reading 1 more post on your favorite forum

Just 1 more piece of special software to give you that extra oomph.

Or 1 more super duper secret strategy that no one else in your niche knows.

Entrepreneurship is sloppy.

I forget who said that… but they were right.

The pursuit of perfection is the enemy of achievement.

I said that, and at least for me, it’s the truest thing I know.

There will always be mistakes, things you could-a, should-a or would-a liked to have done differently with the hindsight of experience or actual outcomes.

But waiting for the perfect moment is to make it happen is the ONLY 100% surefire strategy guaranteed to fail that I know of.

And there is incredible magic in momentum. So many people never feel that rush… simply because they believe that everything has to be perfect. It doesn’t.

And believe it or not, REAL success, especially when starting a business from home, built around something you love is more about progress than perfection.

Simple steps in the direction of your dreams will do more for your brand, your business and your bank account… than waiting for till you’re ready ever will.