Why 95% of MLM or Network Marketing People Fail with Their Home Based Business

Every MLM or network marketing operation offers the same promises for their home based business of being easy to operate, no real skills required, huge earnings potential, retire on a rising passive income in as little as 5 years and have a greater quality of life with more time available for your family by having a home based business. Do the promises live up to the expectations? Yes but for only 5% of the candidates – 95% normally fail – WHY IS THIS? Here we debate some of the controversial reasons for this phenomenon.

Quite simply, the vast majority of people falling for the dream and take on an MLM business do not understand right from the start what is actually required of them in order to succeed. Who is to blame for this? – The recruiters or sponsors who fail to properly qualify the candidate. Most good recruiters are well crafted at the art of creating a vision based on most of our desires and dreams which are pretty universal for most of us. They manage to install visions of the benefit’s a successful MLM home based business will bring. It’s a bit like visualising your destination but forgetting about the difficult journey on how to get their. For many the journey is like the Paris to Dakar Rally rather than the 10p bus ride to the next stop they are anticipating.

Sure, there are promises of training, support from their up line etc. which is often great but the one thing that is often missing from all of this is the commitment and motivation from the new candidate where they simply fail to realise that its actually NOT easy at all to gather customers or to recruit others into the business. Most new MLM’ers brought in from the nine to five masses are also incapable of handling rejection and the egos take a real hammering for the first few months.

To be brutal for a moment, we must remember that the majority of people in PAYE work jobs simply do not have the characteristics or skill sets to actually run a home based business to begin with – otherwise they would already be operating something themselves based on their own assets, skills and ingenuity. Its not their fault, its just that the home based business person has a different mind set and motivations.

Fortunately, there are some well founded MLM businesses on the market that offer real and tangible training and support for the new candidate throughout their MLM business career. Telecom plus is one such UK plc company that has a superb level of FREE training and support for all new Independent Distributors joining the business with local training centres throughout the country. Combine this with Local Distributor meetings, forums and business opportunity meetings again all within your local area, really does help enormously for the inexperienced new MLM’er starting out on their own home based business.