Promoting Your Mobile Bartending Busines With Social Media

You can get a ton of new clients from Word-of-Mouth Advertising.  Well, the new lingo is “Word-of-Mouse!”  Traditional advertising can be very expensive and have dismal results.  Social Media on the other hand, can be extremely powerful…and it’s free!

Are you using Social Media to promote your Bartending Business?
The Top Business books of 2009 are all Internet and Social Media related.  The first step is to make sure you have a blog or website.  Once you have your online presence, you can send traffic from the networking sites to your website!

How to get started:

There are hundreds of social networking sites you can choose from on the web. But you don’t need to sign up for more than a small handful beause most will never give you the results you want (The 80/20 Rule!)  There are 4 Essential players in the Social Networking game that you have to be involved in.  In this article we will briefly introduce them to you as I recommend you sign up for each.  In the following weeks I will go into much more depth discussing how you can use each of these tools to your benefit.
Simply put, linkedIn is a powerful networking platform for business professionals.  It is your resume on steroids.  Your strategy with LinkedIn is to create a professional, quality looking page and then start to connect with others in your area.  Remember what I have always said, people always know someone who is having a party!!

Video is powerful!   Even if you just do a few videos here, they can be a huge asset for your business, here’s why:  Google LOVES video: (they ought to, they bought youtube) so when your client does a Google search for private party bartender and you have done a quick 2 minute video describing your services, etc you are going to show up on that first page of results!

Facebook may have started out as a social networking group for college students, but as the largest social networking sites ever, and also one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the planet, the average age of a facebook user is now about 35.  Use facebook to connect with friends and family, but there should be links to your website as well as a FAN PAGE for your business!  (It gets great SEO)

Twitter is my favorite!  And for most it is the hardest to understand!  BUT it happens to be the fastest growing Social Networking platform right now with a grow of over 800% in just a few months of 2009.  In a nutshell, it is like mass-text messaging to all of your friends and followers.  It is WAY MORE than “What am I doing?” it is a communication tool that is in real-time!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your brand shows up on demand using paid advertising. You can simply combine the right FREE tools and used them up easily.

Like I said, stay tuned for more.  In the next few weeks I am going to go into specifics for using each of the social media platforms to drive traffic and boost sales in your business (at zero cost!!)